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Data Science on Google Cloud Platform: Architecting Solutions

Architecting data science
Use case (UC) notes

1. Architecting in GCP
GCP benefits
GCP shortcomings
Enterprise: Cloud integration
Multicloud integration

2. UC1: Cloud Data Archive
UC1: Analyzing the problem
UC1: Outlining the solution
UC1: Considering technologies
UC1: Laying out the architecture
UC1: Designing key elements

3. UC2: Log Analytics
UC2: Analyzing the problem
UC2: Outlining the solution
UC2: Considering technologies
UC2: Laying out the architecture
UC2: Designing key elements

4. UC3: Customer Analytics
UC3: Analyzing the problem
UC3: Outlining the solution
UC3: Considering technologies
UC3: Laying out the architecture
UC3: Designing key elements

5. UC4: Real-Time Mobile Couponing
UC4: Analyzing the problem
UC4: Outlining the solution
UC4: Considering technologies
UC4: Laying out the architecture
UC4: Designing key elements

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