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lynda Data-Driven Presentations with Excel and PowerPoint (365/2019)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Create information-rich, visually compelling presentations
What you need

1. Getting Excel Content into PowerPoint:
Office themes: The basics
Copy and paste content from Excel
Link and embed data and objects
Create charts and tables in PowerPoint

2. Clean Up and Format Excel Data for Presentations:
Restore missing data
Work with tables
Display large values compactly

3. Craft Graphics for Presentations:
Add a slicer for a table
Build an infographic with a picture fill
Build a Gantt chart from a stacked bar
Create a treemap chart
Illustrate trends with sparklines
Map geospatial data with a filled map

4. Highlight Data with Conditional Formatting:
Highlight high-value cells
Use data bars

5. Summarize Details with Pivots:
Create a PivotTable
Format a PivotTable
Create a PivotChart
Review and format Excel objects

6. Finalize in PowerPoint:
Paste Excel content into PowerPoint
Use the PowerPoint Designer
Animate a chart
Options for animating tables
Linking to a table or chart

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