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Data-Driven Network Security Essentials


What you should know

1. Network Security Review

Network security
Intrusion detection and prevention systems
Vulnerability management systems and security information and event management (SIEM)

2. Network Data Sources

Use network data to improve security
Packet Capture
Firewall logs
IDS and IPS data
Vulnerability management system and SIEM data
Application data
Operating system (OS) data

3. Data Collection

Use log servers to collect data
Collect packet sniffer data
Collect IDS and IPS data
Collect vulnerability management system and SIEM data
Collect application data
Collect OS data

4. Data Analytics

Machine learning to process network data
Machine learning to detect a network anomaly
Azure machine learning service
Detect network anomalies using the Azure machine learning service

5. Forensics

Network forensics
Use data science to conduct a network forensics investigation

6. Visualization

Network security visualization
Visualization targets
Visualization steps
Use data visualization tools
Learn by example


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