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lynda Cybersecurity for Executives

Introduction Cybersecurity for executives What you should know How this course is organized1. Understand the Big Picture Understand the big picture overview Why are you a target? Example: Organized crime Why are you in the line of fire? Example: Cyberwar cross-fire Insider threat: Cyber failure2. How to Think about Cybersecurity Think about cybersecurity summary Not what you buy, how you travel Germ theory Where to get IT support3. Avoid Phishing Attacks Avoid phishing attacks summary What are phishing attacks? How to avoid phishing attacks Organizational response to phishing attacks4. Stop Malicious Code Stop malicious code summary What is malicious code? How to avoid malicious code Organizational response to malicious code5. Avoid Identity Theft Avoid identity theft summary What is identity theft? How to avoid identity theft Organizational response to identity theft6. Avoid Financial Cybertheft Avoid financial cybertheft summary What is financial cybertheft? How to avoid financial cybertheft Organizational response to financial cybertheft7. Avoid Cyberattacks on Long Trips Avoid cyberattacks summary What are cyberattacks on long trips? How to avoid cyberattacks on long trips Organizational response to cyberattacks on long trips8. Special Topics Special topics summary Reasonable cybersecurity Cyber insurance Cloud computing Internet of Things Contractual firewalls Third-party cyber risk management Cybersecurity-related sales objectives Active defenseConclusion Next steps

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