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Cybersecurity Awareness: Identifying Personally Identifiable Information

What you should know
Challenges with PII misuse

1. Definitions: What Is PII?
PII vs. directory information
PII market value
PII formats

2. PII Repositories: Where Is PII Found?
Formal capture
Informal capture

3. Legal and Regulatory Influences: Why Is PII Protected?
Age-defined PII
Industry-defined PII: Medical
Industry-defined PII: Financial
Industry-defined PII: Educational
Industry-defined PII: Governmental
Incidental information
Global differences in PII use

4. PII Breach Case Studies: How Can PII Be Compromised?
Medical sector
Financial sector
Educational sector
Government sector
Commercial and retail sector

5. PII Protection Practices
Summary of best practices: Individuals
Summary of best practices: Organizations

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