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lynda CSS: Refactoring Style Sheets

CSS refactoring and optimization

1. Refactoring CSS: The Theory
Why and when to refactor CSS
When not to refactor
General refactoring principles
Rational CSS structure
Practical approach to CSS refactoring

2. CSS Refactoring Tools
Set up an npm project
Install and configure stylelint
Make stylelint work in Visual Studio Code
Demo: How stylelint works
Install and configure Prettier
Make Prettier work in Visual Studio Code
Automatic rational property order

3. CSS Refactoring: A Practical Example
Fix errors via csslint
Remove old and/or bad practices
Ignoring warnings
Update best practices
Audit unused CSS with Chrome
Quarantine unused code
Modularize CSS

4. Automating Refactoring Using Task Runners
Refactoring using a task runner: Gulp
Install and configure stylelint
Install and configure Purgecss
Optimize CSS for delivery

Next Steps
Other tools for refactoring