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lynda CSS: Print Style Sheets

Video Introducing this tutorial

The value of printable webpages

1. Mechanics of Print-Based CSS:
Print style sheets and media queries
Creating a print style sheet and linking it to your document
Creating a print media query
Previewing print style sheets without printing
The pitfalls of using dev tools for previewing printing
Understanding screen, print, aural, and the cascade

2. Best Practices for Print-Based Styling:
Best practices for styling for print
Touring your example page
Hiding irrelevant information for print
Changing webpage layouts for print
Overriding styles intended for screen display
Adding print-only information that is hidden from screens
Writing URLs after links and social media icons
Complex media queries for print and page orientation

3. Beautiful Formatting for Print:
Understanding paged media and CSS fragmentation properties
Setting printing page breaks
Creating columns within longer documents
Adding hyphenation
Controlling widows and orphans
Using @page to create page margins
Coming soon: Additional @page properties

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