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CSS Essential Training 2


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. CSS Selectors

CSS syntax review
Basic and attribute selectors
Combinator selectors
Pseudo-class selectors
Pseudo-element selectors
Practicing with advanced selectors

2. Layouts

Box model review
Float and display review
Horizontal navs with the display property
Horizontal navs with the float property
Practicing with the nav element
Practicing with fixed navigation
Practicing with positioning elements
Float, display, and position
Layers and the z-index property

3. Tips and Tools

Browser development tools
Debugging CSS
Resetting stylesheets
Icon fonts
The background property
Background shorthand syntax
Alpha transparency and gradients
Practicing with backgrounds and gradients

4. Responsive and Mobile

Introduction to responsive design
Mobile friendly and mobile first
Creating flexible and fluid layouts
Introducing media queries
Using media queries
Testing responsive layouts
Device emulation
Revisiting your CSS


Next steps