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CSS: Advanced Typographic Techniques

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started
Course overview
Controlling font rendering
Introducing Lettering.js
Web font options
Browsing Adobe Edge Web Fonts

2. Using Lettering.js
Project overview
Enabling Lettering.js
Controlling text wrapping
Adding kerning
Controlling stacking
Adding text shadows

3. Creating Dimensional Text
Project overview
Adding dimensions to text
Using gradients
Working with drop shadows
Using 2D transforms

4. Creating Refracted Text
Project overview
Structuring HTML
Using generated content
Giving text a 3D look
Simulating submerged text
Clipping text
Applying perspective
Using 3D transforms
Aligning split text

5. Animating Text
Project overview
Creating blurred text
Creating transitions
Triggering transitions
Creating keyframe animations
Enabling animations

6. Using Modernizr
Project overview
Downloading Modernizr
Modernizr basics
Creating default styles
Using Modernizr to load scripts
Conditional resource loading
Using vendor prefixes
Extending Modernizr

Additional resources