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lynda Crystal Reports 2016 Essential Training

Using the exercise files

1. Getting to Know Crystal Reports 2016
Explore the Crystal Reports user interface
Set program options
Set report options
Assign report properties
Navigate within a report
Add page numbers and printing
Change the page layout
Get help in Crystal Reports 2016

2. Creating a Report
Use the Standard Report Design Wizard
Link to a data source
Link to a source with multiple tables
Add fields to a report
Save a report

3. Managing Report Sections
Create a section
Resize a report section
Merge report sections
Manage section order
Hide report sections
Create multiple columns in a report
Delete a section

4. Sorting and Grouping Data
Sort data
Define a group
Group data based on dates and times
Reorder and delete groups
Change group options
Create a summary
Define statistical summaries
Create a drill-down report
Sort by group

5. Formatting Reports and Report Elements
Apply a report template
Format a report control
Apply number formats to report controls
Apply formats to date fields
Resize, align, and reorder objects
Manage images and draw objects
Highlight records

6. Adding Charts to a Report
Available chart types
Create a chart
Create a chart using the Group layout
Create a chart using the Cross-Tab layout
Format chart elements

7. Selecting Records in a Report
Select records within a single field
Select records using multiple fields
Create selection rules using the Or operator
Select records based on dates
Select records using formulas

8. Managing Reports Using Parameter Fields
Create a parameter field by entering a list of values
Define default parameter values
Define multivalue parameter fields
Allow dynamic parameters
Edit and delete parameter fields

9. Summarizing Data Using Formulas
The Formula Workshop
Use functions in formulas
Add if-then logic to formulas
Add case statements to formulas
Correct formula errors

10. Adding Subreports
Create an unlinked subreport
Create a linked subreport
Creating an on-demand subreport
Format subreports

11. Summarizing Data Using Cross-Tabs
Use the Cross-Tab Report Wizard
Add a cross-tab to a report
Manipulate a cross-tab
Sort cross-tab group values
Change cross-tab summary operations
Add a formula field to a cross-tab
Format a cross-tab

12. Exporting Report Data
Export to Excel
Export a report to Word using an RTF file
Export a report to a CSV file
Export a report to a web file
Export a report to an XML file

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