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lynda Creating a Short Film: 11 Color Grading

Video Introducing this tutorial

About this training series
The Assurance
Introduction to this course

1. Foundational Color Concepts:
The difference color makes
The basics of color theory
Working with shadows and highlights
The secret to beauty: Contrast

2. Colorist Basics:
Understanding primary vs. secondary correction
Grading with raw vs. compressed footage
Understanding LUTs
Working with the DP

3. Using Scopes:
Your eyes are liars
Using a waveform monitor
Using the RGB parade
Using a histogram
Using a vectorscope

4. Coloring with REDCINE-X:
Downloading the free REDCINE-X Pro application
Working with RED media
Grading in REDCINE-X
Saving presets and exporting footage
About the IPP2 workflow

5. Coloring in Premiere:
Using the Lumetri Color panel
Applying and adjusting looks
Performing secondary grades
Working with R3D files in Premiere

6. Coloring in After Effects:
Understanding curves
Using curves to create a cinematic look
An intro to color compositing

7. Exporting Your Edit to Resolve:
Preparing your timeline for export
Exporting your edit to Resolve
Issues with the Premiere and Resolve workflow

8. Coloring in DaVinci Resolve:
Conforming your edit in Resolve
An overview of DaVinci Resolve
Understanding nodes
Performing a basic grade
Matching shot color within a scene
Isolating colors
Masking with power windows
Tracking power windows
Using OpenFX
Grading a challenging shot, part 1
Grading a challenging shot, part 2
Exporting your timeline and rendering

Checking color at the movie theater
Previewing the audio course
Final thoughts