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lynda Creating a Mograph Title Sequence: 2 Animating in After Effects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Title sequence: A movie within a movie
Using the exercise files
Showing the final project

1. Title Design and Prep for Comp:
Reviewing the rough cut
Matching colors
Auditioning fonts and colors
Designing the typographic style
Creating a master style
Preparing the project for export
Importing to After Effects
Arranging clips and titles into shots
Reviewing the project
Comparing with the edit

2. Title Animation:
Animating tracking and color
Creating flickering
Adding glow and swipe
Creating a second version
Saving an animation preset
Applying the animation preset
Reviewing the title animation

3. Compositing:
Initial color correction
Removing unwanted content
Fixing the sky
Improving the matte
Creating a water displacement
Extending and tracking
Creating a matte with Colorama
Transitioning to red sky
Creating a matte with Auto-trace
Matching the colors and motion
Replacing the comps
Adding an overall look

4. Creating the Pack Shot:
Creating a 3D planet
Adding atmosphere
Animating the camera
Creating dramatic lighting
Adding stars
Creating a galaxy
Texturizing the end title
Animating the end title
Integrating the end title
Revealing the end title
Watching the title sequence

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