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Creating a BIM Execution Plan

Video Introducing this tutorial


Using the exercise files

1. Overview of the BIM Execution Plan

Understand the need for a BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
Document the basic project information
Determine the core team members and model managers
Specify project milestones

2. Identify BIM Goals and Uses

What do we want to accomplish?
Team collaboration
Clash detection
Existing conditions
Conceptual design
Schematic design
Design development
Design documents
Construction and design
General contractor and sub contractors
Facilities management
BIM uses and the objective

3. Designing the BIM Execution Process

Decide who creates the content
What is LOD?
Define the LOD in the BIM Execution Plan
Determine the information that needs to be in the model

4. Collaboration Procedures

Define the software to be used
Specify the file naming structure
Coordination milestones
Coordination meeting schedule
Define the coordination process
Sign off
Document history


Additional resources
Next steps

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