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lynda Create Powerful Presentations with Apple Keynote

Video Introducing this tutorial

The power of visual storytelling
An overview of the Keynote interface

1. Plan Your Theme:
Define your key goals
Set a template structure
Determine your visual content

2. Design and Brand a Custom Theme:
Create a blank theme
Design master slides: Create templates
Design master slides: Add imagery
Lock and unlock master slides
Customize your paragraph styles
Set your theme colors
Add custom shapes
Save your theme as a template

3. Work from Your Keynote Theme:
Create a new Keynote presentation
Add slides and custom layouts
Break down your content

4. Slide Transitions and Animations:
Use transitions and animations
Use object animations
Use Magic Move
Animated parallax transition
Interactive slide transitions
Create an animated timeline
Animate with Line Draw
Animate your text

Final Thoughts:
Visual storytelling