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Create a CRM Mobile Application with React Native


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Project Setup and Back End

Inspiration from Framer for UX design
Initialize React Native project
Project folder structure
Install material kit and vector icons
Initial Firebase setup

2. Creating the Login

Create login form for user login
Create our loader
Render loader based on state
Code our initial login behaviors
Setting up Firebase email auth
Finalize login behaviors

3. Redux and Main Views

Get started with Redux
React Native debugger
Create people list view
Code the people item view
Create tab menu
Setting up Redux for detail view
Initial setup detail view
Coding the scroll on detail view
Adding clickable buttons detail view
Finalize detail view styles
Debugging session

4. CRUD Operations

Firebase setup for backend
Create the new add person form
Complete functions for add person view
Add person redux actions and reducers
Connect our list view to firebase
Debugging the loadInitialContacts function
CRUD: Removing a client
CRUD: Setting up editing
CRUD: Finalizing redux for editing

5. Company View and Final Touches

Code the company list query
Create company list view
Final touches


Next steps