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Craft Your Sales Pitch with Competitive Differentiation

Video Introducing this tutorial



1. Assessing Yourself

Are you a differentiated rep?
Is your organization differentiated?
How can you differentiate your organization?

2. Differentiating Yourself

Setting yourself apart
Product expertise
Differentiating your language
Adding value before collecting revenue

3. Differentiating During the Sales Process

Sticking to a differentiated sales process
Unpacking the buyer's journey
Differentiating in the first meeting
Building relationships that last
Asking the right questions
Talking about the competition

4. Differentiating Your Deck

Pitching kills your presentation
Opening your presentation
Customizing your deck
Asking for the business
Differentiating your written proposal

5. Differentiating Inside Your Organization

Differentiating with your boss and peers
Inspiring differentiation in your product
Cultivating differentiation on your team


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