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lynda CorelDRAW Essential Training


1. The Welcome Screen
Getting started
Using one of the workspaces
What's new
Learning and the Gallery
Get more

2. The Interface
Touring the interface
Exploring drop-down menus
Understanding dockers

3. Getting Started
Setting up the page
Using rulers, grids, and guidelines
Navigating a multi-page document
Master layer & page numbering
Starting with a template
Understanding file formats

4. The Toolbox
Using the Pick tool
Using the Shape edit flyout
Exploring the Crop tool flyout
Exploring the Curve flyout
Creating a basic shape
Live Sketch and the stylus
Node editing enhancements
Impact tool
Dealing with dimension lines
Using connector lines
Outlines and corner control
Looking at the Interactive tool flyout
Other interactive tools
Block shadows

5. Working with Fonts
Understanding font types
Installing fonts
Corel Font Manager
Using WhatTheFont?!
Types of text
Creating layouts
Working with tables

6. Working with Objects
Shaping commands, including combine and weld
Grouping and ungrouping
Alignment commands and alignment guides
Copying versus duplicate and paste special
Challenge: Create a lighthouse logo
Solution: Create a lighthouse logo

7. Working with Bitmaps
Importing bitmaps
Cropping, resizing, and rotating bitmaps
Removing backgrounds from bitmaps
Working with PhotoZoom Pro
Exporting web graphics

8. Useful Tools
Working with PowerClips
Using Find and Replace
Symmetry tool
Exploring Corel CONNECT
Examining scripts and macros
Publishing to PDF
Export for WordPress
Object styles

9. Understanding Color
Discovering color palettes
Creating a color palette
Getting started with color management
Challenge: Create a business card
Solution: Create a business card

10. Printing
Discovering the print dialog
Working with print merge
Challenge: Print merge
Solution: Print merge

11. Workspace Customization
Creating keyboard shortcuts and toolbars
Setting and resetting default properties
Changing the appearance
Exporting and sharing workspaces

Getting started and using the workspace

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