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Contracting for Consultants

Video Introducing this tutorial

Good consulting contracting techniques
Get legal counsel

1. Start the Contracting Process
Use different types of major contracts
Use different types of minor contracts
Use a client's contracts versus your own
Register as a supplier
Know the players in the process

2. Understand Contract Elements
Set pricing terms
Set payment terms
Set contract term and termination
Define warranties and liability
Handle confidentiality and publicity
Provide indemnification
Establish deliverable ownership
Cover insurance requirements
Negotiate insurance requirements
Manage miscellaneous contract provisions

3. Define Your Project
How to use SOWs and task orders
Scope the consulting engagement
How to price consulting work
Get project acceptance and signoff

4. Negotiate the Contract
Redline the contract
Negotiate major contract points
Watch out for contract pricing issues
Watch out for miscellaneous issues
Helpful contracting tips

Next steps

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