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Consuming RESTful APIs in PHP with Guzzle

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Guzzle Basics

Guzzle and HTTP
What is REST?
Installing Guzzle
Our first Guzzle request

2. Requests with Guzzle

Sending basic requests
Sending asynchronous requests
Sending concurrent requests
Sending query data
Sending request data
Advanced Guzzle request options

3. Responses with Guzzle

Basic Guzzle responses
Processing response headers
Exceptions and Guzzle

4. Guzzle and PSR-7

What is PSR-7?
PSR-7 requests
PSR-7 responses
PSR-7 bodies
PSR-7 headers
PSR-7 streams
PSR-7 middleware

5. Testing and Guzzle

Basic Guzzle mock responses
Advanced Guzzle mock responses
Guzzle request testing


Next steps