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lynda Configure and Manage SharePoint On-Premises

Video Introducing this tutorial

Configure and manage Microsoft SharePoint on-premises
What you should know

1. Plan a SharePoint Farm:
Install SharePoint
Install SharePoint farm
Update SharePoint Server
Configure backup and restore
Plan for information rights management
Design for high availability
Plan for disaster recovery
Plan localization and language packs

2. Web Applications:
Configure DNS for web applications
Create a service account
Create a web application
Configure IIS bindings
Disable loopback checking

3. Manage Site Collections:
Create a top-level site collection
Create a new content database
Create a site collection with PowerShell
Verify site creation

4. User Profiles:
Create a User Profile service application
Configure Active Directory import
User Profile synchronization
Configure managed paths for My Sites
Create a My Site host site collection
Enable self-service site creation

5. Manage Search:
Create a Search service application
Create search crawls
Create an Enterprise Search Center
Browse the Search Center
Configure search topology

6. Manage and Maintain a SharePoint Farm:
Monitor farm Health Analyzer reports
Install Workflow Manager
Configure Workflow Manager
Version to version upgrades

7. BCS and Secure Store:
Create BCS and Secure Store Service apps
External content
Secure Store encryption keys
Store credentials in Secure Store

8. Plan and Configure Managed Metadata:
Term Store management
Create a term set group
Create a term set
Create terms

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