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lynda Computer Literacy for Windows 10

Video Introducing this tutorial

Interested in Mac computers? Check out Garrick's companion course, Computer Literacy for Mac.
Introduction :
Using the exercise files
1. Getting to Know Computers :
What's a computer?
What's inside a computer?
Laptop vs. desktop vs. tablet
Special considerations when using a laptop
2. Getting Started :
Understand the operating system
Understand files and folders
Understand your Home (User) folder
How to use your desktop
How to delete files
Understand the right-click
3. Software and Applications :
Understand applications
How to open and save files
Choose the right tool
How to learn any application
Five things that work in all applications
4. Computer Peripherals :
Understand computer ports
How to set up a printer
How to print your documents
Portable storage devices
How to pair with Bluetooth devices
5. Networks and Getting Online :
Understand networks and Internet access
Connect to wired networks
Connect to Wi-Fi (wireless) networks
How to work in a networked environment
Stay protected from viruses
6. Email :
Understand email servers and clients
How to set up your email application (client)
Receive and read email
How to compose new email messages
Reply vs. Reply All
Deal with spam
7. Web Browsing and Searching :
Understand search engine basics
How to conduct basic searches
How to conduct advanced searches
Conclusion :
What's next?