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CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002) Cert Prep: 2 Security

What you should know

1. Security Configurations and Compliance Controls
Security and compliance best practices
Identify cloud encryption technology
Tunneling protocols

2. Access Control Lists
Security templates and ACLs
Effect of cloud service models
Effect of cloud deployment models
Access control on GCP

3. Security Technologies
Implement defined security technologies
Importance of data classification
Segmentation and micro-segmentation
Compliance requirements

4. Security Automation Techniques
Identify security automation
API security
Determine impacts for security automation
Implement security services
Vulnerability assessments

5. Troubleshooting Security
Troubleshoot connectivity issues
Identify common networking issues
Network connectivity tools
Remote access toolsets
Troubleshoot security issues
Cloud authentication overview
Identity federation for the cloud
Types of cloud attacks

Next steps

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