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JavaScript Essential Training 2017

Video Introducing this tutorial

How to use the exercise files

1. JavaScript: An Introduction
What is JavaScript?
How does JavaScript relate to Java?
Navigating the JavaScript landscape

2. The Basics
Tools for JavaScript development
Introducing the browser console
Add inline JavaScript to a HTML document
Add JavaScript in an external file
How to write JavaScript: A crash course

3. Working with data
Variables: The catch-all containers of JavaScript
Data types in JavaScript
Arithmetic operators and math
Working with strings and numbers
Conditional statements and logic
Advanced conditions and logic
Properties and methods in arrays

4. Functions and Objects
Functions in JavaScript
Build a basic function
Add arguments to the function
Return values from a function
Anonymous functions
Immediately invoked funcitonal expressions
Variable scope
ES2015: let and const
Make sense of objects
Object constructors
Sidebar: Dot and bracket notation

5. JavaScript and the DOM, Part 1: Changing DOM Elements
DOM: The document object model
Target elements in the DOM with querySelector methods
Access and change elements
Access and change classes
Access and change attributes
Add DOM elements
Apply inline CSS to an element

6. Project: Create an Analog Clock
Create an analog clock: Project breakdown
Use CSS to move clock hands
Use JavaScript to move clock hands
Get the current hour, minute, and second with the Date() object
Show the current time using fancy math
Make the clock move forward second by second
Solve the pesky "return to zero" problem

7. JavaScript and the DOM, Part 2: Events
What are DOM events?
Some typical DOM events
Trigger functions with event handlers
Add and use event listeners
Pass arguments via event listners

8. Project: Typing Speed Tester
Rundown of HTML markup
Use event listeners to detect typing
Build a count-up timer
Build a helper function for leading zeros
Detect spelling errors by matching strings
Stop the timer when the test is done
Add a reset button

9. Loops
Looping through arrays
Break and continue loops

10. Project: Automated Responsive Images Markup
Project breakdown
Rundown of project setup
Loop through all images in the document
Create function to generate srcset value
Create object containing different sizes values
Update img markup with srcset and sizes attributes

11. Troubleshooting, Validating, and Minifying JavaScript
JavaScript validation and troubleshooting
Troubleshooting JavaScript
Send troubleshooting info to the console
Step through your JavaScript with browser tools
Online script linting
Automate script linting
Online script minification
Automate script minification

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