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Color Correction: Color Grading for Locations and Times of Day

Video Introducing this tutorial

Telling a story with color
Using the exercise files

1. How Light and Color Sets the Mood for Shots
What different colors tell the audience
How our eyes see color
Making sure color is consistent across multiple clips in a sequence
Understanding the correct order to apply color correction adjustments
Working with Premiere Pro and the Colorista II plugin
Working with Premiere Pro and Magic Bullet Looks
Making contrast, lighting, and mood changes: A general rule of thumb

2. Locations
Understanding how cool color frames emotion
Stylizing a cold location with color grading
Understanding how warm color frames emotion
Stylizing a hot location with color grading
Isolating and adjusting skies

3. Times of Day
Changing the times of day with color
Creating an early morning look
Creating a midday look
Creating an afternoon look
Creating an evening look
Composing a day-for-night shot
Creating a flashback look

4. Interiors
Changing colors to match the mood of the story
Stylizing an office scene
Creating a bedroom color style
Designing a hospital look
Stylizing a morgue shot
Coloring an interrogation scene

5. Depth of Field
Separating characters from the background
Creating fake depth of field in Magic Bullet Looks
Creating fake depth of field in Colorista II

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