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Color Correction: Artistic Color Grading on the Timeline

Video Introducing this tutorial

Observing the light and color in paintings
Using the exercise files
The Art Reference PDF

1. Starting a Grade
What is a grade?
Starting with contrast and color
Working with Colorista II
Working with Magic Bullet Looks
Understanding how different colors affect the mood of shots

2. Fresco and Early Renaissance
Introducing fresco and Early Renaissance
Observing Michelangelo to understand high and low contrast
Using diffusion and accentuating highlights in the style of Fra Angelico
Working with "The Birth of Venus" to create high contrast and high saturation

3. Renaissance
Introducing the Renaissance
Working with limited palettes and three-dimensional space in the style of Da Vinci
Observing the sfumato technique to smooth skin
Creating a rich, saturated, theatrical look in the Renaissance style

4. Light and Shade
Introducing light and shade
Using Rembrandt's chiaroscuro technique to increase tension
Changing the mood of a scene using light and shade
Creating a film noir look

5. The Impressionists
Introducing the Impressionists
Observing Renoir to enhance sunlit scenes using soft glows and pools of light
Using complementary colors in daylight shadows in the style of Monet
Creating a romantic look inspired by Degas

6. Effective Use of Color
Introducing "colorist" painters
Observing Picasso to study the effects of different colors on story
Applying colors to complement skin tones
Creating a thriller look inspired by Hopper

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