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lynda CISSP Cert Prep (2021): 8 Software Development Security

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Software development security
What you need to know
Study resources

1. Software Development Lifecycle :
Software platforms
Development methodologies
Maturity models
Change management
Automation and DevOps
Programming languages
Acquired software

2. Software Quality Assurance :
Code review
Software testing
Code security tests
Fuzz testing
Code repositories
Application management
Third-party code
Software risk analysis and mitigation

3. Application Attacks :
Application security
Preventing SQL injection
Understanding cross-site scripting
Request forgery
Defending against directory traversal
Overflow attacks
Explaining cookies and attachments
Session hijacking
Code execution attacks
Privilege escalation
Driver manipulation
Memory vulnerabiliities
Race condition vulnerabilities

4. Secure Coding Practices :
Input validation
Parameterized queries
Authentication/session management issues
Output encoding
Error and exception handling
Code signing
Database security
Data deidentification
Data obfuscation

5. Cloud Computing :
What is the cloud?
Cloud computing roles
Drivers for cloud computing
Security service providers
Cloud activities and the cloud reference architecture
Cloud deployment models
Cloud service categories

Conclusion :
Continuing your studies