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CINEMA 4D R18 Essential Training: VFX

Video Introducing this tutorial


What this course is and is not
Exercise files

1. What Is VFX?

What is VFX?
How is C4D used by VFX artists?
Examples of work
Big-picture concepts

2. The Importance of Motion Tracking

What is motion tracking?
Analyzing the shot
Setting up our project for tracking
Automatic tracking
Manual tracking
Solving the 3D camera
Adding a coordinates system
Testing the solve with geometry
Importing/exporting the tracked data
Removing Lens Distortion
Solving and saving lens profiles

3. Preparing and Animating Models for VFX

The philosophy of VFX modeling
Importing a model
Cleaning up a model hierarchy
Incorporating a model with a tracked scene
Basic animation for VFX
Manipulating keyframes and curves

4. Basic Materials

Introduction to materials
Applying materials
Creating a shiny material
Creating a refractive material
Creating a displaced material
Working with the Texture Manager

5. Basic VFX Lighting

Overview of VFX lighting
Working with C4D lights and shadows
Lighting with Sky objects
Working with GI

6. Camera Projection and Modelling

Using the Camera Calibration tag
Adding geometry and projected textures
Baking textures with Projection Man
Cleaning up textures in Photoshop
Relighting with Physical Sky
Animating a camera
Reapplying lens distortion

7. Takes, Tokens, and Multipass Rendering

What is VFX compositing?
Setting up multipass renders
Preparing takes
Rendering with tokens
Compositing multipass renders

8. Challenge

Challenge overview
Solution: Calibrate and model
Solution: Bake textures and paint
Solution: Light, render, and finish


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