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Cinema 4D R16 Essential Training

Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started
Understanding the CINEMA 4D workflow
Clarifying 3D for working with CINEMA 4D
Understanding how 3D software is designed to function
Navigating the viewports
Using a three-button mouse and keyboard shortcuts
Touring the interface
Exploring the Content Browser
Configuring project and essential render settings
Setting application preferences

2. Creating and Understanding Objects and Hierarchical Relationships
Understanding the importance of object hierarchy
Creating, selecting, and transforming objects
Understanding object categories: Active and passive
Comparing object types
Modifying objects with the Object and Attribute Managers
Creating a model using primitives: Part one
Creating a model using primitives: Part one

3. Modeling with Splines and Generator Objects
Creating and modifying splines
Selecting and editing spline shapes
Working with the Cogwheel spline object
Modeling with splines: Extrude objects
Modeling with splines: Lathe objects
Modeling with splines: Text splines and Sweep objects
Extruding and organizing paths from Adobe Illustrator

4. Understanding Polygonal Modeling
Understanding 3D objects: Points, edges, and polygons
Modeling with Extrude and Extrude Inner tools
Closing and connecting geometry with the PolyPen and Bridge tools
Refining models with the Knife tool
Modeling with the Polygon Pen tool
Modeling with subdivisions: Modeling with subdivision surfaces

5. Modeling with Content Browser Presets
Understanding the modular modeling presets
Creating custom folding boxes
Creating architectural models

6. Modifying Objects with Deformers
Understanding deformers
Controlling deformer falloff
Deforming objects: The Wind deformer
Deforming objects: The Spline Wrap

7. Creating Materials and Textures
Understanding materials and material channels
Applying materials: Projection methods
Creating materials: Rough, bumpy surfaces
Creating materials: Shiny, reflective surfaces
Creating materials: Transparent surfaces
Applying materials with alpha channels
Refined material application with selection tags
Texturing type techniques

8. Lights and Lighting
Understanding how light functions in CINEMA 4D
Understanding light types
Refining lights by adjusting falloff
Creating and manipulating shadows
Creating visible light rays
Creating three-point lighting

9. Keyframes and Animation
Exploring keyframe animation
Animating in the Timeline and mini-timeline
Controlling animation between keyframes with the F-Curve Manager
Managing keyframes in Key mode
Driving animation between multiple objects
Animating with Explosion deformers

10. Camera Movement and Controls
Understanding the editor camera vs. a camera object
Exploring field of view and aspect ratio
Explaining parallax in camera movement
Creating dynamic camera movement
Creating complex camera moves with Camera Morph

11. Rendering
Understanding render engines
Exploring render settings
Setting up multipass rendering
Previewing multipass rendering in the picture viewer
Batch rendering with the Render Queue
Exploring the essentials of using the Physical Renderer

12. 3D Animation Workflow: Compositing in After Effects
Understanding the 3D animation workflow
Using the Compositing tag
Importing multipass renders into After Effects
Manipulating multipass renders in After Effects
Working with CINEWARE

13. Getting Familiar with MoGraph
Explaining MoGraph
Using a Cloner object
Optimizing for Effectors
Modifying cloners with Effector objects
Setting MoText type for animation
Animating type with MoText
Creating animation with the Fracture object
Creating rigid body collisions with MoDynamics

14. Sculpting
Setting up for sculpting
Intro to sculpting layers
Introducing sculpting on polygons

15. 3D Tracker
Understanding motion tracking
Creating the initial track
Defining the reconstruction

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