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Cert Prep: Word 2013 Microsoft Office Expert Part Two (77-426)


What to know before watching this course
Using the exercise files
Taking the challenges

1. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert Exam Overview

Understand the different kinds of Microsoft Office Specialist certifications
Overview of the 2013 MOS Expert Exam format and learning objectives

2. Manage and Share Documents

Modify existing templates
Merge multiple documents
Resolve multi-document style conflicts
Manage tracking options
Use Style Organizer
Link to external data
Challenge: Manage and share documents
Solution: Management and share documents

3. Design Advanced Documents

Work with outlines
Create master documents with subdocuments
Link document elements
Challenge: Design advanced documents
Solution: Design advanced documents

4. Create Advanced References

Mark entries, create indexes, and update indexes
Create and format a table of contents
Insert captions and create a table of figures
Set advanced reference options
Challenge: Create advanced references
Solution: Create advanced references

5. Custom Word Elements

Prepare Documents for a global audience
Configure language options in documents
Manage +Body and +Heading fonts
Challenge: Custom Word elements
Solution: Custom Word elements

6. Final Challenge

Challenge: Full-length MOS Expert sample exam for Word 2013
Solution: Full-length MOS Expert sample exam for Word 2013


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