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Cert Prep: VMware Certified Professional 6-Network Virtualization (2v0-641)

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know

1. VCP6-NV Certification Requirements

New candidate requirements
Existing candidate requirements
Exam topics and test blueprint: Overview

2. Define VMware NSX Technology and Architecture

Section 1: Overview
Describe the benefits of a VMware NSX Implementation
Describe VMware NSX Architecture
Differentiate VMware network and security technologies
Contrast physical and virtual network technologies
Explain VMware NSX integration with third-party products and services
Explain VMware NSX integration with vRealize Automation (vRA)

3. Describe VMware NSX Physical Infrastructure Requirements

Section 2: Overview
Define Benefits of running VMware NSX on physical network fabrics
Describe physical infrastructure requirements for a VMware NSX implementation

4. Configure and Manage vSphere Networking

Section 3: Overview
Configure and manage vSphere standard switches
vSS settings demo
Configure and manage vSphere distributed wwitches
Configure and Manage vSS and vDS policies

5. Install and Upgrade VMware NSX

Section 4: Overview
Configure environment for network virtualization
Deploy VMware NSX components
Upgrade existing vCNS/NSX implementation
Expand transport zone to include new clusters

6. Configure VMware NSX Virtual Networks

Section 5: Overview
Create and administer logical switches
Configure VXLAN
Configure and manage layer 2 bridging
Logical router concepts
Configure and manage logical routers

7. Configure and Manage NSX Network Services

Section 6: Overview
Logical load balancing concepts
Configuring logical load balancing
Virtual private network (VPN) concepts
Tools for configuring VPNs
Configure and manage DHCP/DNS
Configure and manage NAT
Configure and manage edge services high availability

8. Configure and Administer Network Security

Section 7: Overview
Configure and administer logical firewall services
Configure distributed firewall services
Configure and manage service composer

9. Perform Operations Tasks in a VMware NSX Environment

Section 8: Overview
Concepts of roles, permissions, and scopes
Configuring roles in NSX
Describe NSX automation
Monitor a VMware NSX implementation
Perform auditing and compliance
Administer logging
Backup and recover concepts
Backup tools and settings

10. Troubleshoot a VMware Network Virtualization Implementation

Section 9: Overview
Common NSX Issues
Tools for troubleshooting NSX
Using traceflow to verify NSX connectivity


Scheduling and testing tips
Next steps