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Cert Prep: PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

What you should know

1. Agile Principles and Mindset
Model agile values
Agile methodologies
Create a safe environment
Transparency and information radiators
Collaboration and self-organized teams

2. Value-Driven Delivery
Define valuable deliverables
Tailor agile to meet your needs
The value of small increments
Prioritize your backlog

3. Stakeholder Engagement
Engage your stakeholders
Collaborate across stakeholders
Manage stakeholder expectations
Ongoing status reporting

4. Planning Your Agile Project
Plan at multiple levels
Flex your agile
Sizing and estimation techniques

5. Team Performance
Establish your team foundation
Generalize your team
Collaboration and commitment
How to get to a stable velocity

6. Troubleshooting Your Agile Project
Risk identification
Risk tracking

7. Continuous Improvement
Review and adapt your practices
Demo your deliverables
Develop team skills
Assess your efficiency

Next steps

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