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Cert Prep: AutoCAD Civil 3D Certified Professional

Taking the test
Exercise files

1. Styles
Create and use object styles
Create and use label styles

2. Lines and Curves
Use the line and curve commands
Use the transparent commands

3. Points
Point creation commands
Create points by importing point data
Control the display of points

4. Surfaces
Identify key characteristics of surfaces
Create and edit surfaces
Use styles and settings
Analyze surface display results
Annotate surfaces

5. Parcels
Design a parcel layout
Select parcel styles to change display
Select styles to annotate parcels
Renumber parcels

6. Alignments
Create alignments
Edit alignments
Annotate alignments

7. Profiles and Profile Views
Create a surface profile
Create a profile view
Edit a profile view style
Design a profile

8. Corridors and Sections
Design and create a corridor
Modify corridor settings
Using targets in corridors
Sections and section views

9. Pipe Networks
Design and create a pipe network
Display pipe network on profile view

10. Grading
Create a grading model feature line
Design and create a grading model

11. Managing and Sharing Data
Create data shortcut project
Share data shortcuts

12. Plan Production
Create view frames
Create a sheet set

13. Survey
Identify key characteristics
Apply description keys

Next steps

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