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lynda Career Advice from Some of the Biggest Names in Business

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Career Advice:
Jamie Dimon on how to be successful
Indra Nooyi on three things to get you to your aspirational job
Howard Schultz on believing you can succeed
Meg Whitman on success
Marc Lore on going all in
Ray Dalio on following your passion
Oprah Winfrey on having a vision
Tony Robbins on finding your passion, competency, and market
Bill Gates on the many tracks to success
Angela Ahrendts on looking forward
Richard Branson on doing what you enjoy
Mary Barra finding your passion and working hard
Daymond John on visualizing and setting goals
Maria Bartiromo on working hard and doing what you love
Jack Welch on over delivering and keep learning
Mohamed El-Erian on work life balance and career lessons
John Watson on keeping challenged in your company
Priyanka Chopra on following your instincts and being challenged
Robert Greenblatt on creativity and business
Diane von Furstenberg on when you don't know what to do
Wyclef Jean on making an idea happen
Christine Lagarde on timing and opportunity
Chris Blackwell on doing something that you love
Dawn Hudson on having a sense of purpose
Gwen Stefani on being clear on who you are
Judd Apatow on how to succeed
Gwyneth Paltrow on asking lots of questions
Jeff Immelt on dealing with massive change
Tory Burch on being open to learning
Lee Daniels on following your heart
Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner on career ladders
Vasant Narasimhan on the key to doing extraordinary things
Karlie Kloss on running your own race
Bill Gates and Thamara Jean: Advice for those just entering the workforce
Carla Harris on the value of figuring out what you want to do
Joe Kaeser on challenging yourself every day
Jennifer Lopez on knowing where you want to go and taking steps every day in that direction
Bob Bakish on becoming the person people can rely on
Jenn Hyman on resilience and carrying a confidence
Kai-Fu Lee on prioritizing your life to focus on what really matters
Alex Gorsky on building diverse and inclusive teams
Malcolm Turnbull on the value of being committed and engaged
Kevin Hart on putting action behind your words
Tyler Perry on setting your intention
Captain Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberger on focusing on what you can control
Bobbi Brown on second acts
Jesper Brodin on enjoying what you do
Jim Fitterling on taking chances
Arne Sorenson on saying yes to opportunities
John Foley on getting experience at a great company
Ed Bastian on surrounding yourself with great people
Hiroshi Mikitani on entrepreneurship