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Capture One Pro 10 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial


Whats new in Capture One Pro 10
How to use the exercise files
Windows and Mac terminology

1. Capture One Pro 10 Basics

Explore the Capture One user interface
Set your initial preferences
Catalog vs. session: How they differ
Switch to or create a catalog on the fly
Handle RAW and JPEG files on a memory card
Import images into the application

2. Organize in the Library Tab

Organize images in User Collections
Create groups, projects, and albums
Understanding the Folders panel
Move folders in catalogs
Work with filters, tags, and star ratings
Filter by orientation
Search for images
Create Smart Albums
Metadata in Capture One
Create a metadata preset
Add IPTC metadata to multiple images
Add and manage keywords

3. Edit in the Color Tab

Base characteristics and white balance
Use white balance and color balance together
Convert to black and white
Correct color cast with Color Editor
Create versions with variants

4. Tonal Adjustments in the Exposure Tab

The magic of the auto adjustment
Get the right exposure
Understanding HDR sliders
Use levels
Use curves
Work effectively with clarity
Apply vignetting
Show original trick

5. Improve the Composition of an Image

Apply a crop
Rotate and flip a photo
Straighten lines with keystone correction

6. Fine-Tune Your Images

The new three-step sharpening process
Diffraction correction
Creative sharpening in the Details tab
Output sharpening in the Output tab
Reduce noise
Add film grain
Remove spots

7. Brush in the Local Adjustments Tab

Create layers in the Local Adjustments tab
Use a gradient mask to fix a sky
Adjust the tones of specific areas in an image
Adjust the color of a specific area
Use a brush to sharpen and add clarity
Soften skin with a brush
Use auto mask
Creative white balance brushing

8. Import, Export, and Catalog

Revisiting catalog organization
Leave imported files in their current location
Integrate catalogs into a master catalog
Output a project or album as a catalog
Use the Export command for single image export
Set up the Output tab for multiple image exports
Output tab constrained cropping
Output proofing

9. Things You Should Know

Customize the toolbar
Review new workspaces
Use the Adjustments Clipboard
Make a proof print
Send an image to an external editor
Back up a catalog


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