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Captivate 9: Drag-and-Drop Interactions

What you should know

1. Creating a Drag-and-Drop Interaction
Creating your first drag-and-drop interaction
Creating a responsive drag-and-drop interaction
Example one: Building a one-to-one matching interaction

2. Creating Questions and Practice Activities
Converting the interaction into a question
Converting the interaction into a practice activity
Example two: Building a drag-and-drop question

3. Applying Effects
Adding effects to draggables and drop targets
Setting the snap behavior for the drop target area
Setting the size, opacity, and depth of draggables when dropped

4. Categorizing Objects
Categorizing draggables
Categorizing drop targets
Example three: Categorization interaction (many to one)
Example four: Solve the equations (many to many)

5. Acceptance and Rejection Settings
Setting the acceptance behavior for drop targets
Assigning actions for each draggable
Example five: Drag-and-drop menu page
Example six: Drag and replace

6. Providing Feedback
Adding feedback captions
Adding audio feedback for correct responses
Adding audio feedback for incorrect responses

7. Interaction-Level Settings
Creating a manual drag-and-drop interaction using the Property Inspector
Adding more draggables and drop targets to the interaction
Setting the interaction-level actions
Allowing draggables to be redragged
Example seven: Redrag the draggables

8. Defining the Correct Answer Set(s)
Adding multiple-answer combinations
Setting the drag-and-drop sequence
Example eight: Multiple correct-answer combinations (one to many)
Example nine: Count-based assessment
Example ten: Answer in correct sequence

9. Taking the Interaction to the Next Level
Executing advanced actions with drag-and-drop interactions
Executing shared actions with drag-and-drop interactions
Example eleven: The shopping cart interaction

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