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Camtasia Advanced Techniques: Video-Based Training

Video Introducing this tutorial


About this course
The demo video
Using the exercise files

1. Getting Ready

Scripting a video
Choosing a lavalier
Setting up a lavalier

2. Recording a Demonstration Video

Shooting video with your phone
Recording audio without a lavalier
Capturing multiple sources
Using a phone screen recorder
Using a phone mirroring app

3. Producing Your Video, Part 1

Transferring bulk media using Fuse
Choosing a resolution
Syncing multiple media sources
Removing noise
Leveling vocals
Making detailed audio adjustments
Adjusting color and contrast
Copying effects to save time

4. Producing Your Video, Part 2

Reframing a shot
Taking a first pass at editing
Editing synced videos
Making timing adjustments
Adding additional media
Grabbing a pickup clip
Adding a pickup clip
Adding the finishing visual touches

5. Sharing Your Video

Adding closed captioning
Sharing your finished video


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