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C++ Essential Training for Career Changers


What you should know before watching
How to use the exercise files
What are challenge videos?

1. C++ Basics

How to compile and run C++ programs
C++ syntax
What are the parts of a C++ program?
What is #include in C++?
C++ data types
How to create variables in C++
Challenge: Calculate interest
Solution: Calculate interest

2. How to Work with Data in C++

Create assignment expressions
What is variable scope?
Read and write data to the console
How to change data types in C++
How to format output in C++
Challenge: Real estate
Solution: Real estate

3. Decision Statements in C++

How to compare values in C++
Use logical operators: And, not, or
How to compare strings in C++
What is a switch statement in C++?
Challenge: Banking
Solution: Banking

4. Program Flow Control in C++

Syntax for a while loop
When to use a do while loop
How to write a for loop
What are sentinel values in C++?
Challenge: Loop
Solution: Loop

5. What Are Functions in C++?

How to define and call a function
What is a function prototype?
Passing data to a function
What is an overloaded function?
Challenge: Calculate area
Solution: Calculate area

6. How to Use Arrays in C++

How to define and access an array
Arrays as function arguments
Challenge: Print the colors of the rainbow
Solution: Print the colors of the rainbow


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