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lynda C Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Plunging into C
Getting everything ready

1. The Fundamentals of C:
Coding your first program
Challenge: Write your own code
Solution: Write your own code
Getting into the C language
Reviewing code structure
Working the C development cycle
Challenge: Find and fix the bugs
Solution: Find and fix the bugs
Exploring the preprocessor
Understanding header files and libraries
Adding comments
Challenge: Build the foundation
Solution: Build the foundation

2. Variables and Values:
Understanding C language data types
Declaring variables
Working with variables
Exploring the printf() function
Using constants
Challenge: Make variables and constants
Solution: Make variables and constants
Understanding variable scope
Making new data types
Specifying characters and strings
Specifying integers and real numbers
Typecasting a variable
Challenge: Basic I/O
Solution: Basic I/O

3. Operators and Math:
Working with math operators
Challenge: Do some math
Solution: Do some math
Using assignment operators
Obeying the order of precedence
Challenge: Get the order correct
Solution: Get the order correct
Working with relational operators
Using logical operators
Understanding bitwise operators
Shifting bits
Exploring unary operators
Challenge: Binary math
Solution: Binary math

4. Decisions and Loops:
Making a decision
Exploring the possibilities
Using the ternary operator
Working with the switch-case structure
Challenge: Select an item
Solution: Select an item
Creating a for loop
Setting up a while loop
Challenge: Repeat some text
Solution: Repeat some text
Nesting loops
Breaking out of a loop
Avoiding the goto keyword
Challenge: Work the grid
Solution: Work the grid

5. Functions:
Understanding functions
Creating a function
Challenge: Writing a function
Solution: Writing a function
Returning a value from a function
Challenge: Returning a value
Solution: Returning a value
Passing arguments to a function
Challenge: Passing values
Solution: Passing values
Using the main() function's arguments
Retaining values in a function
Creating recursive functions
Challenge: Complete the code
Solution: Complete the code

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