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lynda C#: Design Patterns Part 2

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Object-oriented design patterns in C#, part 2
Using the exercise files and installing .NET SDK

1. Observer :
Observer pattern definition
Simple event delegate observer implementation in C#
Using INotifyPropertyChanged to observe model changes in C#
Challenge: Replace a direct call with the Observer pattern
Solution: Replace a direct call with the Observer pattern

2. Builder :
Builder pattern definition
Simple builder implementation in C#
Explore the ApplicationBuilder pattern being used in an enterprise MVC application
Implement the Builder pattern in an MVC application
Challenge: Fluent order builder
Solution: Fluent order builder

3. Command :
Command pattern definition
Simple Command pattern implementation in C#
Implement a data update command in a C# MVC application
Challenge: Undo with the Command pattern
Solution: Undo with the Command pattern

4. Proxy :
Proxy pattern definition
Simple proxy file access in C#
Caching data service proxy with MVC in C#
Challenge: Proxy Facade
Solution: Proxy Facade

5. Chain of Responsibility :
Chain of Responsibility pattern definition
Simple Chain of Responsibility exception handling in C#
ASP.NET Core request pipeline as a Chain of Responsibility
Add a filter to the ASP.NET core Chain of Responsibility
Challenge: Chain of Responsibility grocery list
Solution: Chain of Responsibility grocery list

Conclusion :
Next steps