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C++ Best Practices for Developers

Write better C++ code
What you should know

1. What Is Modern C++?
New C++ features
Old code compatibility
File naming conventions

2. Tools That Improve Your Code
Turning on modern C++
Let the compiler help
Static analyzers
Challenge: Finding issues with Cppcheck
Solution: Finding issues with Cppcheck

3. Using the New Features Correctly
Auto type deduction and initialization
Range-based for loops
Strongly typed enums
Using lambdas
The magic of variadic template functions
Challenge: Writing an integer sum method
Solution: Writing an integer sum method

4. Don't Reinvent the Wheel
How C++ and the STL name things
Map, filter, and reduce
Be careful with string_view
size_t and auto
The filesystem library
Challenge: Writing strings to a file
Solution: Writing strings to a file

5. Managing Objects
Which pointer when?
The rules of zero and three
const is your friend
Resource Acquisition Is Initialization (RAII)
Challenge: RAII
Solution: RAII

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