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lynda Business Analysis for Project Managers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Business analysis: Supporting project management work
What is business analysis?
Common business analysis competencies

1. Preproject Activities :
Initiating a project
Situation statement and needs assessment
Key components of the business case
How to determine the business need without a business case

2. Stakeholders :
Stakeholder identification and assessment
The importance of stakeholder engagement

3. Initial Project Understanding :
How to develop a shared vision of the product or project result
How to develop a road map for product delivery

4. Project Plans :
Identify, plan, and execute on business analysis activities
Including analysis activities in the project schedule
Determine product scope

5. Analyzing Requirements :
Product requirements
Eliciting requirements
Analyzing requirements
Baselining requirements

6. Agile Approach :
Business analyst (BA) or product owner
Analysis of agile requirements

7. Verification and Validation :
Supporting requirements verification and testing
Validation and acceptance of requirements

8. Project Closure and Deployment :
Planning transition
Complete transition activities
Determine solution deployment readiness

Conclusion :
Business analysis competencies are essential for project managers