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Building Roofs with Revit

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Flat and Shed Roofs
Adding a flat-roof material
Pitching insulation to roof drains
Adding sloped framing
Adding crickets
Sloping flat roofs

2. Pitched Roofs
Building a hip roof
Adding a gable
Adding a sloping gable
Creating a Dutch gable roof
Creating a Dutch hip roof
Adding a mansard roof
Creating a gambrel roof

3. Dormers and Skylights
Adding roof-edge dormers
Adding custom eyebrow dormers
Adding dormer walls
Adding dormer openings
Adding skylights and curbing

4. Fascias and Soffits
Adding a flat fascia
Creating and adding a custom fascia
Adding the default soffit
Adding an in-place fascia family
Adding fascia returns at gable ends

5. Roofs by Extrusion
Adding a roof by extrusion
Trimming an extruded roof
Creating an in-place roof by blend
Adding a roof by face

6. Roof Structure
Attaching columns to roofs
Adding 2 x 10 sill plates
Modifying a roof for structure
Creating rafter-style framing
Adding Howe trusses
Modifying bottom-truss chords
Cleaning truss connections
Creating custom in-place trusses

7. Roof Detailing
Detailing rake ends
Truss detailing
Valley details
Wall attachment details

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