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Building Laravel and Vue.js Web Apps

Video Introducing this tutorial

Laravel and Vue.js: Achieving full-stack elegance
What you should know
Demo project overview

1. Installation and Configuration
Installing Homestead
Configuring and booting the virtual machine
Scaffolding an authentication system
Enabling forgotten password and email verification
Using webpack with Laravel Mix
Cache busting and Browsersync

2. MV* Architectures
Integrating a layout
Creating a model and seeding the database
Building views with Blade templates
Injecting props in Vue components
Building a CRUD component
Managing scrolling and focus
Protecting routes and models with policies
Building an API with Laravel Passport
Calling an API from Vue

3. Building an Embedded SPA
Protecting admin pages with gates
Installing and configuring Vue Router
Using props and router-link
Enabling Vue Router history mode
Validating form submissions
Displaying model validation errors
Managing file uploads
Working with related models
Building a list view with detail links
Reusing form components
Using Laravel form requests
Using Vue Router navigation guards

4. Managing State Complexity
Understanding Vuex and Flux architecture
Installing Vuex and managing the store
Handling form input with Vuex
Dispatching Vuex actions
Using the mapState helper
Rendering the menu

Next steps