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Building Cloud Connected Universal Windows Apps


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Before We Get Started

UWP: What is it?
A brief history of .NET
.NET and UWP development
Application architecture overview
Get the tools

2. Build the Backend

Cloud backend overview
Azure service configuration
Configure the mobile app service backend
Test and publish the service backend
App service authentication with Facebook
Custom API controller: FacebookController

3. Build the UWP App

Implement XAML LoginView
XAML debugging tools
Client server abstraction API
UWP community toolkit and navigation
Implement XAML MyProjectsView functionality
Implement XAML ProjectDetailsView functionality
App styling: MyProjectsView
Challenge: ProjectsDetailView styling
Solution: ProjectsDetailView styling
Creating adaptive views
Challenge: OtherProjectsView
Solution: OtherProjectsView
Test the app for multiple user accounts

4. Polish and Publish the App

Prepare for Windows Store publishing
App Packaging and Windows Store association
Publishing to the Windows Store
Sideloading App packages


Wrap up
Additional resources