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Building a Physics-Based Platformer in GameMaker Studio Using GML


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Set Up Basic Game Components

Set up the project
Import a static sprite
Import an animated sprite
Import a background sprite
Create a physics room
Enable views
Parent objects
Create static objects

2. The Player Object

Create the player object
Using Finite State Machines
Player state machine
Control logic: Idle to run state
Control logic: Idle and run animations
Control logic: Jump state
Control logic: Rotation and animation
Collision checking with the ground
Make the player duck
View following and debug
Create physics fixtures in code
Swap fixtures

3. Create Physics Obstacles

Decorate level
Static obstacles
Single joint obstacles
Multi-joint obstacles
Create triggers
Triggered obstacles: Falling spike ball
Triggered obstacles: Falling floor

4. Liquid Physics

Introduction to liquid physics in Box2D
Create water particles
Floating blocks obstacle
Particle based poison obstacle
Destroy the particles

5. Decorate the Level

Set up a chain generator
Create chains
Create a swinging chain obstacle
Create a rope bridge

6. Finishing Touches

Finish line
Player death


Next steps