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Building a Full-Stack App with Angular 2+ and Spring Boot


What you should know before watching this course
Working with the exercise files

1. Create Your Spring Boot Project

Setting up the development environment
What we will build
Bootstrap the project with Spring Initializr
Import, build, and run the project in Eclipse
Configure your API using Spring JavaConfig
Resource modeling
Implement a GET endpoint using Spring MVC
Test your endpoints using the Postman client
Implement a POST, PUT, and DELETE endpoint using Spring MVC

2. Build a Mobile Responsive UI

Generate project using Angular 2 CLI and npm
Import Landon Hotel static HTML and CSS content
Create and style an Angular 2 component
Create available rooms table

3. Create the Data Layer with Spring Data

Configure your persistence layer with Spring JPA
Return pageable list of rooms
Implement reservation JPA repository

4. Client-Side Functionality with Angular

Implement list of rooms REST API GET request with HTTP module
Implement Reserve Rooms REST API POST request

5. Testing and Validation

Server-side data validation with Spring MVC
Unit testing example with REST Assured
Sharing your Postman Collection with Swagger or API Blueprint


Next steps