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Blender: UV Mapping

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Projecting UV Maps
What is a UV map?
Seams and stretching
Setting up the user interface
Cube, Cylinder, and Sphere Projection
Average Island Scale and Pack Islands
Smart UV Project
Mark Seam and Unwrap

2. Modifying UVs
Stitching UVs
Weld/Align and Minimize Stretch
Pinning and Live Unwrap

3. Organizing and Exporting UV Maps
UV mapping multiple objects
Exporting a UV map

4. UV Mapping an Alley Scene
The buildings
The trash cans
The recycle bins
The dumpster

5. UV Mapping a Character
The head
The shirt
The hands
The pants
The shoes
Finalizing the UV map

Next steps