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Blender: Character Rigging with BlenRig

Video Introducing this tutorial


Exercise files
What you need to know

1. Retargeting the Rig

Installing and setting up BlenRig
Retargeting the body controls
Retargeting the finger controls
Retargeting the eye controls
Retargeting the mouth controls
Retargeting the face controls
Baking the rig

2. Adjusting the Deform Cage

Adjusting the deform cage for the head
The deform cage for the torso and arms
Adjusting the hips and pelvis
Adjusting the legs and feet
Binding the character to the deform cage

3. Adding Corrective Shape Keys

Setting up drivers
Creating the shape keys for the arms
Shape keys for the legs

4. Weight Painting

Weight painting the hands
Weight painting the fingers
Weight painting the head
Weight painting the mouth
Weight painting the lips and cheeks
Weight painting the nose and brows
Weight painting the eyelids and ears
Weight painting the teeth and tongue
Weight painting the eyeballs and head

5. Adjusting Fine Details

Setting parameters
Adjusting actions and ranges


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