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Behavioral Finance Foundations

Video Introducing this tutorial

Behavioral finance and the stock market
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What you should know

1. Behavioral Basics
What are behavioral biases?
Rational decision-making
Estimating probabilities of outcomes
Risk-neutral pricing
Risk aversion and investing
Call options and skewness
Put options and risk aversion

2. Behavioral Finance and Investing
Behavioral biases in investing
Anchoring and investing
Framing and investing
Overconfidence and investing
Short-term momentum, long-term reversal
Sentiment in stocks
Institutional and retail investors
Socially conscious investing
Sin stocks
Fundamental analysis of stocks

3. Stock Market Anomalies
Stock market anomalies
IPO underpricing
The January effect
Home bias
Merger arbitrage
Post earnings announcement drift
Financial statement analysis for firms

4. Behavioral Investing Strategies
Individual investor performance
Deciding when to sell a stock
Big picture selling rules
Best practices in buying and selling
Short-term trading tactics

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