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Azure: Understanding the Big Picture

Video Introducing this tutorial

Azure from a 10,000-foot view
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1. A Look at the Big Picture
What is the cloud?
Benefits of using the cloud
What is software as a service (SaaS)?
What is infrastructure as a service (IaaS)?
What is platform as a service (PaaS)?
Survey the cloud market leaders

2. Overview of Azure Basics
Subscription choices for Azure
Understand the costs of the Azure services
A tour of the Azure categories

3. Hosting
Review Azure App Service
Host websites and web apps on App Service
Edit and publish web app files
Host web APIs on App Service
App Service features

4. Code and Workflows
Overview of functions and workflows
Run serverless code with Azure functions
Build powerful workflows with Logic Apps

5. Storage and Data
Explore Azure Storage
Store objects in Blob storage
A tour of Azure databases
Learn about Cosmos DB, mult-model, and NoSQL databases
Cosmos DB in action

6. Infrastructure
Protect access to services with Azure Active Directory
Azure Network components
Build a system with virtual machines

7. DevOps
Azure DevOps and Visual Studio Team Services
Simplify app deployment with containers
Continuous integration and deployment

8. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning and artificial intelligence services
Overview of Cognitive Services
Explore the Vision APIs
Dive into the Speech APIs
Review the Language APIs

9. Other Services
Deliver events and messages with Event Grid, Event Hubs, or Service Bus
Send mobile notifications with Notification Hubs
Use Media Services to encode and stream media
Additional services

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